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Is it time to get your practice growing again!
Want to fill the holes in your schedule with patients you love to treat?
How do you make your practice really stand out?

Upcoming Date:

Friday, April 23, 2021, 7 – 9 pm EST



Cost:  FREE
1 CE credit

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I have to say it is no coincidence that the year since completing the management program with AMI has been the best ever in my 9 years as a practice owner. We are busy enough that I am bringing in a new full time associate and yet I seem to have more time on my hands than before.

— Dr. Andrew Hager, Optometrist

About this Coaching Session:

Objective: To learn how to expand your practice through free and easy sales tools.

In this coaching session, you will learn: 

  • 15 free and easy marketing techniques that don’t cost a thing!
  • 10 ways to expand your practice that don’t cost a bundle.
  • How to fill the holes in your schedule with patients you love to treat
  • How to you make your practice really stand out

This coaching session is given 100% free of charge, and you are not obligated to purchase anything upon attending.


Janice Wheeler is the President of The Art Of Management Inc. and she and her team have coached and expanded more than 1,800 practices over the last 31 years.

She is an international speaker with hundreds of seminars under her belt, has written over 500 management articles (www.amican.com).

She regularly contributes to various Canadian healthcare journals, wrote a book “Practical Advice for Practice Owners”, and has an awesome team who love helping healthcare professionals reach their practice goals.


AMI gave me the tools to run my practice more efficiently. They helped me create structure. I learned how to distribute the work load off of my plate and among my staff. My days are predictable which allow me to spend more time with my family. I am no longer stressed out.

— Jodie Atkinson, Denturist

I now have the tools to objectively manage my practice using statistics so I can continually monitor practice performance. I have the confidence and skills to effectively lead my team and continue to grow to meet my practice goals.

— Dr. Dennis Milenov, DC

This coaching session is part of The Art of Managements ongoing efforts to help practitioners recover and excel during and after Covid-19.


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