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If you own a healthcare practice, this book is a tongue-in-cheek look at where you are “leaking” or missing out on new patients. (This is meant to inspire some changes in your practice!)

Book " 50 ways to lose a patient"

Did you know that losing just one new patient per week could mean a loss of $104,000 in one year?

Don’t be like the practice who lost a patient because the receptionist forgot to greet them warmly😞

Be like the doctor who kept a patient for life by calling them on their birthday.😀

With practical advice on how to not to lose a patient, this book will be your go-to guide on how to prevent costly mistakes.
From identifying and avoiding common pitfalls, to filling your practice with people who love you, the “50 Ways To Lose A Patient” has it all. Get this FREE book and you’ll never have to worry about losing a patient again!
Say goodbye to lost income and heartache and make sure your practice is a success.

This is a book about 50 ways that you could (accidentally) lose a patient that could have been yours for life.  It is a list of mistakes, omissions and opportunities missed.  But, it also contains tips to attract and fill your practice with loyal patients who love you and stay with you forever!

With the help of this book you can easily develop patient retention strategies and learn some practical tools to improve your practice management!
Believe us, we’ve been there – running a business is tough without the right strategy. So take advantage of this opportunity and see for yourself the huge value this book can bring to your practice.

Book " 50 ways to lose a patient"

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